About All Up In The Hair

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All Up In The Hair is a family operation in western Minnesota. We started four years ago when, on a whim, we added some bobby pins to our inventory at a craft show. And they flew off the shelf. We came home with less than a dozen out of the 200 some that we brought. 

Almost all of our items are handmade. There are only a couple things that if I made them myself, everyone would be sad. So we let other people do that so we can keep offering as many hair accessories as possible. 

I’m Heather, and I do the bulk of the work here. From making items to shipping them, to building the website, that’s my job. My kids help pull items for orders, haul stuff for shows and help set up behind the scenes most weekends. Most days you can find me snuggled up in a warm blanket with a cup or Oregon Chai. If it is warm out, I’m outside obsessively weeding my gardens and shopping for more plants.

I can see that my oldest is really getting into the business so I’m sure it won’t be long before she joins on as an employee. She loves that she can do work so that she can buy fun clothes or pay for gymnastics stuff.

My middle child loves the opportunity to help set up to pay for Boy Scout camp tools and to buy books.

My littlest is too little to really help, but she helps put items into boxes after they are made. She doesn’t know it but her “work” helps pay for her toys and clothes

My mom is also part of this venture. She is my partner in crime most weekends while we are at shows and is my personal cheerleader. She wants me to live the best life possible so she cheers me on when things are going well and is my voice of reason when I want to get a billion dollar business loan to buy a warehouse and storefront and ALL the stuff to make millions of bobby pins.

It’s a group endeavor over here to make this whole thing work and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


 All of my (Heather’s) pictures look like this because I’m constantly showing off the new color in my hair. It’s an obsession to see what I can do next!